Exploring Nashville Vlog: Episode 1

https://youtu.be/WW5B7Vw2fDc This makes me laugh the more I watch it. Hope you guys find it funny too. 🙂 Enjoy!


Welcome: A Little Bit About Me

Welcome to my little site! My name is Maggie Kimbro, and I'm a 17 year-old girl chasing her dreams from the heart of TN with a passion for music and a love of writing. I'm proud to call Music City my home, though that may not be the case for long (considering I'm applying for …

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east of 8th

Ella Vos, L.A.-based pop star with big dreams and a heart of gold, has taken debut album Words I Never Said, set for release on November 17th, as an opportunity to share her soul with the world. From beginning to end, her signature style and euphonious melodies fill the album with an ethereal sound that is sure to bring tears to eyes and send shivers up spines. Her pure honesty and heartfelt lyrics allow everyone who hears to feel deeply connected to Vos through the balance she finds between relatability and intimacy.

This album, written in the wake of having her first child and facing the struggles of postpartum depression, acts as a collection of all the songs she’s previously released as singles, including hits like “Little Brother” and “Rearrange.” It features brand-new song “Suddenly” as well as a beautiful ballad titled “Words I Never Said” that…

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I recently wrote this for East of 8th. Check it out, and make sure to give “The Wild” a listen!

east of 8th

Canadian indie-rock band The Rural Alberta Advantage has undergone some changes in tune in the past year with the departure of original band member, Amy Cole, but this loss sure hasn’t knocked them off their feet. Brand-new album, The Wild, perfectly encompasses the evolution of RAA’s sound over the years- blending sophisticated harmonies and intricately crafted lyrics with the soft hums and strums of folk in songs like “White Lights” and “Letting Go.” Furthermore, the rebellious roots of rock music are resurrected through pounding drums and heavy lyrics in songs like “Dead Alive.” This album also serves as the debut of Robin Hatch–the group’s latest addition–featured on keyboard, bass pedal, and background vocals. Her arrival, though a big change, offers a fresh sound that will surely not disappoint loyal fans of the band.

In a recent interview discussing the album, Nils Edenloff, The RAA’s lead vocalist and guitarist, describes…

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